Have you ever been lost in a museum?


Guide map

I’ve visited a lot of excavation museums around the world, and more often than not I have ended up getting lost – Where am I? What is it I am looking at? Am I getting the right information about this building?

Being lost is one thing, but I can’t help starting to wonder – Did I miss anything extraordinary back there? Did I miss that beautiful temple, or was it actually what I was looking at earlier? How can I be sure that I’ll be able to find the rest of the buildings I want to see at the site?

In the apps that we provide, we have put in a lot of effort to ensure that you don’t miss a thing when you visit the sites. In order to do so, we have provided two different map options – one with an overview of the entire museum you are visiting, and one that shows the layout of the building that you are looking for. Both maps are GPS powered, so it will always mark your position accordingly to the building in question.

In addition to the maps, we also provide one or more pictures of the buildings that are described in the apps. The pictures show exactly what to look for while exploring the museum site. And since the app also provides an audio guide to the excavation sites, then it is no problem using pictures, texts, maps and 3D models of the building while you are sightseeing.