New design and user interface



We have been busy this winter and have given our apps a facelift. Right now, we are doing the final testing and expect to release the new design within weeks.

So what is new? Overall, we have changed our code base, making it easier for us to release new guides and apps. But more importantly we have put on our user experience eyes and redone some of our features – our tour planner has especially been given a facelift that will make the planning of your visit a lot easier, thereby making your visit that much greater.

Over the next month or two, we will make the new design available for the existing guides, starting with some of our bestselling apps focusing on Pompeii, Forum Romanum and Herculaneum.

Also, the two new guide apps focusing on Chichen Itza and Alcatraz will be released in the new design. We expect them to be available within the next couple of months as well.