Ask and you shall receive – Translations are coming up.


TranalateSome of our customers gave us feedback in the fall of 2015, asking if we would translate our apps into other languages than English. We liked the idea right away and started looking into what guides would benefit the most from a translation – And which languages that would make the most sense.

Therefore, we have had 6 freelancers doing translations in November and December and we are now working on building the translated guides into downloadable apps. We expect to release them over the next couple of months.

The translations we have in the release pipeline for now are:

  • Forum Romanum
    • In German, French and Italian
  • Forum Romanum and Palatine Hill
    • In German, French and Italian
  • Herculaneum
    • In German and Italian

More translations will be done on other apps as well, so stay tuned.