Doing what we really love – New guide for Angkor is coming up


It has been awhile (little over a year) since we last released a guide for a new area. There are different reasons for this, but in a short while we will release a brand new app for Angkor Wat and Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia.

Since our last release in 2016, we have tried different app models, we have been prototyping on projects a lot, and some of the work will in a not so far future be made available to you in our apps. However getting back to the basics of what it is that we really care about and what we really love doing has been so great. It feels like getting home after a long journey, doing guided apps again, and knowing that your are helping others getting a better experience when visiting the different museums around the world. It is a privilege to be allowed to dive into the history of an area and into cultures, which in some cases has long gone, and then form all the different sources of information’s gathered into one big guide, that everybody can use and enjoy.

We hope you will enjoy our new guide, we sure did enjoy building it – The guide for Angkor, the heart of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 15th century, is coming up.