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The Acropolis in Athens was the centre of the Ancient Greek Empire. The Acropolis acted as a religious centre as well as the power centre of the empire. For many years it also was the empire’s treasury.

The Acropolis had many different buildings of both religious and architectural importance, and the location on the top of the hill made it easy to defend. However, several sieges of Athens have resulted in either damaging of the buildings and/or plundering of the temples (and of course the treasuries).

The Acropolis itself is towering over Athens, and many of the excavated sites that you can visit can be found on the sloops of the hill, including theatres, temples and other ancient buildings.

The guide

The guide app for Acropolis will lead you through the entire museum/excavation site. The guide includes detailed descriptions of 16 of the excavated buildings, and will guide you through the entire area.

GPS controlled area map

The guide for the Acropolis uses a GPS powered map that will give you an overview of the site. Also, if you allow GPS tracking, the guide will show your position in the excavation site/museum.

Description of 16 ancient buildings

Sixteen of the excavated buildings in the Acropolis are described in detail in the guide. The descriptions of the buildings are given in text, pictures from present day, 3D models of the buildings as they used to look, and markings of the specific building on a map. The map also shows your position in the building.

The background of Acropolis

The guide provides a detailed description covering the entire known history span of the area, from when it was founded to present day.

Route planner

Using the route planner, you can put together your own personal version of a guided tour through the Acropolis.

Suggested route

The guide also suggests a tour of “the highlights.” The highlights are Excavation Guides’ suggestions of what to see when visiting the Acropolis. However, we recommend that you plan your own guided tour by using the route planner which is available in the app.

Audioguide – TTS, Text to speech

By using TTS, short for “Text To Speech,” the guide will act as an audio guide and will read the texts out loud to you. The functionality uses the built in TTS voice, meaning that the size of the guide app to the Acropolis is kept low.

For more information on the guide

Please see the extensive description of the different functionalities available in the guided tour app for the Acropolis by checking out the descriptions in “The Guide”.

The buildings covered in the Acropolis guide:

  1. Parthenon
  2. Old Temple of Athena
  3. Erectheum
  4. Propylaea
  5. Temple of Athena Nike
  6. Sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia or Brauroneion
  7. Chalkotheke
  8. Pandroseion
  9. Arrephorion
  10. Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus
  11. Odeon of Herodes Atticus
  12. Stoa of Eumenes
  13. Sanctuary of Asclepius or Asclepieion
  14. Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus
  15. Odeon of Pericles

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