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The Citadel of Copenhagen, also known as Kastellet, is located near the centre of the Danish Capital of Copenhagen and close to the harbour.

The Citadel is one of the oldest in Northern Europe and dates back to the 16th century BC. Throughout history the Citadel has played a key role in the defence of Denmark and its capital, Copenhagen. The Citadel even houses parts of the Danish military today. The National Guard has their headquarters at Kastellet, and the Danish Military Intelligence Agency (Forsvarets Efterretningtjeneste) has some activities in the area as well, but don’t worry – it is open to the public and you are allowed to take photos at the site.

The guide

The guide to Kastellet will lead you through the entire area. The guide includes descriptions of 17 of the most important structures and statues in the area, and will provide a variety of functions.

GPS controlled area map

The guide to Kastellet uses a GPS powered map, that will give you an overview of the site. Also, if you allow GPS tracking, then the guide will show your exact position in the citadel.

Description of 17 buildings

The guide holds a description of the 17 most important buildings, in The Copenhagen Citadel (Kastellet), including statues and buidlings in the area, like The Little Mermaid. The descriptions are given in text that can be read out loud to you using TTS (automatic text to speech functionality) and it includes pictures from present day, markings of the specific building on a map and pictures of what the buildings used to look like in the past.

The background history of The Copenhagen Citadel (Kastellet)

The guide provides a detailed description covering the entire known history span of The Copenhagen Citadel (Kastellet), from the 16th century to present day.

Route planner

By using the route planner, you can put together your own personal version of the guided tour through the citadel.

Suggested route

The guide to The Copenhagen Citadel (Kastellet) also suggests a tour through the site. This is Excavations Guides suggestions of what to see when visiting the museum. However, we recommend that you plan your own guided to by using the route planner.

Audio guide

By using TTS, short for “Text To Speech” the guide will read the texts in the app out loud to you, and thereby act as an audio guide. The functionality uses your device’s build in TTS voice, meaning that the size of the guide app to The Copenhagen Citadel (Kastellet) is kept low.

For more information about the guide

Please see the extensive description of the different functionalities in the guided tour app for The Copenhagen Citadel (Kastellet) by checking out our “Guide description”.

The buildings included in the guide

  • The Little Mermaid
  • Langelinie (The Promenade)
  • Nordre toldbod (Customhouses)
  • Gefion Fountain
  • Albans Church
  • Churchills Park
  • The Kings Gate
  • Bastions
  • Moat and Smedelinien Outworks
  • Commanders House
  • The Rows
  • Nothern and Southern Storehouse
  • Powder House
  • Church and Prison
  • Windmill
  • Central Guard House
  • National Monument of Remembrances

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