Same concept, new type of content


We have just released our ninth app, which makes me damn proud. In the app we have switched focus from an excavation site to a historical area – namely the ancient imperial city called the Forbidden City in Beijing.

This switch to an area of buildings that can be seen in all their glory hasn’t really been that difficult, and the concept is still the same – we want to educate and to give you accurate information about the buildings in the area at hand.

However, something that has proven difficult has been the translation between Chinese and English. Normally we depend on the names of the structures in an area in order to do research on them. In the case of the Forbidden City, we found that the names of the structures could vary a lot, all depending on the source of information that you choose. Some of the names of the buildings have been translated in 2 or 3 different ways. Therefore it took a little more research effort than normal, but once we figured out that a building might be named different things, it all started to come into place.

We hope you enjoy the app, and please let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements. You can download the app for Android and Apple devices right here