The guide app


Excavation Guides are available for lots of different excavation sites/museums around the world. Each area has its own app or guide, and therefore you need to download them separately. However, the functionality offered for the apps covering the different areas is the same.

The functionality covers an area map, an audio guide, a list of the buildings in the area, suggested guided tours of the chosen area, a tour planner, a description of the entire area, markings on maps of where the buildings used to be, and last but not least it contains 3D models and sketches of how the buildings used to look.

The area mapBuilding

The guide includes a map of the entire area. This map will have every excavated building plotted in, and by using GPS your location in the area is shown as well.

The buidlings in the area

Each building in the area is described in detail. Each description goes through the history of the building, explaining the purpose of the building, important events that happened there, the architectural specifications, etc.

The buildings are also marked on a map, showing where the buildings are/used to be placed. This map also shows your location by using the GPS location plotter on your phone or tablet. If your GPS is switched off, the map will still work, but your location will not be shown.

The app also offers 3D models or sketches of how the buildings used to look in their glorious past. However, this is not available for all buildings.

The guided tours

The app offers Excavation Guides’ suggestion for a tour of the highlights of the particular excavated area or museum. However, we encourage you to use The Tour Planner to plan your own guided tour through the area.

The Tour PlannerTourplanner

By using The Tour Planner, you can plan exactly which excavated buildings you would like to see in the excavated area, and also in which order you would like to see them.

Area Description

A complete walkthrough of the history of the excavation site/museum in question is provided. This covers the history of the site from when it was established to present day.

Audio guide

All texts in the app can be read out loud to you using TTS or “Text To Speech”. This is a functionality that uses standard TTS (text to speech) to read the texts out loud so that you can focus on viewing the excavated buildings. The voice used is the one available on your device. The voice of your device can be upgraded, but this is done through your smartphone provider (Apple, Android, etc.).

No internet access needed and no information shared!

Once you have downloaded the app, you are good to go. You don’t need any internet access while visiting the area – so you don’t have to worry about big bills from your telecommunication provider.

Also no data are collected while you use the app. If you would like a better experience, we suggest that you switch on your GPS; however, no information about you or your whereabouts will be stored or shared with third party companies.

Screenshots from the guide apps